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Hey y’all! Long time no see! Has been a very busy couple of months. Just wanted to show you a little something I’d been working on: a collaboration with Bordeaux Wines for their Summer Re: Mix Campaign. 

To get the recipe, go HERE

Hope you guys enjoy the warm weather!


BACK TO SCHOOL: Lunchbox ideas

This week’s video is dedicated to all the parents out there that made it through the summer break: entertaining your kids, playing with them on the patio, allowing them to stay up a little later than usual watching the “Cars” movie for the 4th time…. you catch my drift.

So as my gift to you I present you a list of ideas for creating healthy and balanced lunchboxes for the kids.


1. Family Food Planner

imageA handy back-to- school food planner by Real Simple Magazine. Recipe, tips, creative lunches, quick family dinners & cool containers. You know, just making your life a little easier.

2.  Healthy toddler lunches


Forget about sugary snacks!

Here’s a list of healthy ideas for the little ones.

3. A perfectly balanced lunchbox

image  When it comes to school lunch, of course we need to talk about Jamie Oliver (I mean, the man started a Food Revolution after all). Everything you need to know about a nutritiously packed lunch.

4. Homemade Snack recipes


 15 Lunch snacks for the lunchbox (via


5. Gourmet Ideas 

image  Lunch menus created by NYC chefs and approved by their kids.

6. The best after-school snacks. Ever!

imageGlutten-free corn-dogs? Sweet!

7. Tips, Tricks & Recipes for picky eaters 

imageEncouraging the youngsters to eat something other than the usual PB&J.

8. Cuteness & Style

imageHow cute are these Goodbyn Lunchboxes? Pre-K swagg.

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Happy School Year everybody!!


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I’m very proud and excited to present this week’s video recipe! Excited because this cheesecake has got to be hands down the most decadent and delicious dessert I’ve tried in a while! (in my opinion). It has a complex chocolaty flavor with hints of malt in the back and oh that smooth texture that resembles a cross between a cheesecake and a mousse (sigh).

And ultimately, I’m proud because it took me two attempts to get the final result. The first one cracked on top. So -me being the perfectionist that I am -I embarked on repeating the whole thing the next day just so I could learn more about the process and how to get better results. Learning is key people!

Enough talking! Let the images speak for themselves. Hope you folks like the video!


How about you? What’s your favorite most decadent dessert? Remember to leave your comments below, or better yet, let’s talk on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and if you really liked what you saw, share it with your peeps through the links below!

Much Love!


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