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Monthly Roundup - 10/11

October Roundup

We’re few weeks away from 2012 and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Let’s recap on all the awesomness we shared on the blog during the month of October.

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> Honey Bread (Recipe)

Honey Bread - Recipe

> Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies (Recipe): Fudge. Enough said.


> The “Woman-you-rock” Playlist (Music): A playlist featuring music made by women, dedicated to women or about women. Featuring Ella Fitzerald, Madonna, Scissor Sisters, St. Vincent & more!

Woman you Rock Playlist

> Chicken Stuffed Shells with Monterrey Jack Cheese (Recipe)

Stuffed Shells: Chicken & Monterrey Jack Cheese

> Apple-Blackberry Pie (Recipe): What’s fall without Apple Pie?

Apple -Blackberry Pie Recipe

> Pumpkin Picking (Photos)

Pumpkin Picking

> Pumpkin Seeds Brittle (Recipe): Putting the Pumpkins picked to good use

Pumpkin Sesame Seeds Brittle

> How to carve a Pumpkin (Video)

Carve a Pumpkin

> HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST (Music): Awesome genre mash featuring music by David Bowie, Fiona Apple, Tom Waits, Outkast, Biggie and more!

Halloween Playlist

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Cool stuff coming next month!

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Pumpkin Sesame Seeds Brittle

Pumpkin Sesame Seeds Brittle

Pumpkin Sesame Seeds Brittle

Pumpkin Sesame Seeds Brittle

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