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If you few up in Dominican Republic, I’m almost certain you enjoyed -at least once- the famous helados en fundita (homemade ice pops). One of my neighbors, ran a microbusiness from home: she produced small batches of homemade pops with the best tropical flavors: passionfruit, coconut, tamarind… but the bestseller was -without a doubt- the Batata Coconut ice pop. And it’s not a surprise, anything that contains batata tastes like a piece of heaven. 

Please keep in mind that batata is not your regular sweet potato. They’re cousins, but they’re not the same. It’s a variety very popular in the Caribbean, that’s used as a staple in many dishes. It has a pale yellow/beige color and, oh, did I mention that it tastes like a piece of heaven? Yes it does.

If you didn’t enjoy this delicacy growing up, please try this recipe. You’ll thank me later ;) 


Buen provecho!


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