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I owe this recipe to my mom. This is her signature lentil cream soup, which she has made for us time and time and again… and it never gets old. She makes it for special occasions, and also, when she feels that we really need a good plate of soup. Allow me to illustrate:

Are you sick? – Here’s some lentil soup

Did you have a rough day? – Lentil soup will help

If she thinks you’re getting too skinny – Eat some lentil soup

If you really don’t feel like eating lentil soup today – Here’s some lentil soup anyway

So as I said, this soup is her infallible remedy… and also her way to express love to her family. Is really that good. 


Now, keep in mind that the quantities and ratios on this recipe are pretty loose, so feel free to make it your own. It’s a soup, and it should be easy and comforting. As with all the good things in life, you got to taste it to know it’s right. Oh, by the way, you can make a big batch and freeze it. This dish is perfect for those days when you’re really not in the mood for cooking.



Buen provecho!


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